August 2023 Newsletter

Approaching 24 Years In Business

As Legendary USA approaches Its 24th year in business we reflect on our loyal customers, friends, family and employees. Very thankful for everyones support. The movement to produce high quality Made in USA motorcycle vests, jackets, gloves, chops and apparel still remains our number one priority and we will never waiver.

Celebrating 4th of July at River Rock, Brick, NJ

New Custom Cuts Service! We Rip, Sew, Remove & Create

Denim & Leather Vest customization. We crop, cut, stitch, add leather piping, pockets, liners, conceal carry etc. Anything you can think of we can make! Watch for our new custom vest making app launching in September. Have an idea for a vest? Reach out to us and lets build it for you.

Our latest custom vest project. Came out amazing!

Legendary ‘Holy Trinity’ Perforated Leather Cropped Vest

This is the ultimate hot weather perforated leather biker vest. The Legendary ‘Holy Trinity sports a 2’ cropped waist. No collar, double action YKK Zipper (keep the top zipped, leave the bottom unzipped for maximum ventilation). We have taken our premium club-style pattern and perforated the leather to allow for maximum airflow for those hot summer days, vest has two snap concealed carry Pistola pockets for your full-size Colt .45!

Ricky Snakes helping build the best damn vest!

Our New Womens Line Just Launched!

Check out our new womens line of motorcycle clothing & apparel. Get your girl some new clothes that are HOT!

New Women's Vest Has Officially Launched Vikla_Chikla

Introducing our latest Women’s Vest. The Legendary ‘Vikla_Chilla’ Women’s Motorcycle Vest, fusing Mexican and American Culture, Made in the USA!

Vikla_Chikla, is a force to be reckoned with. Born in Mexico and now making her mark in the USA, she represents the powerful fusion of Mexican and American vest pays tribute to her journey and celebrates the rich tapestry of both heritages. 

Follow our ambassador @Vikla_Chikla on Instagram

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Bringing Back Motorcycle Culture One Stitch at a Time

Our mission is to revive the essence of motorcycle culture - the thrill of riding, the spirit of individualism, and the camaraderie among riders. We embody the ideals of freedom, counterculture, and unity with fellow bikers. Our allegiance lies with our flag, and we champion American-made goods and local businesses that shun Wall Street values. Each stitch holds significance, every customer is cherished. With unwavering love for our country and deep respect for its defenders, we stand firm in preserving these values. 

My boy being a boy lol! Love him so much!

Thank you, Ride Safe and God Bless, Legendary USA