Motorcycle Legends Among Us: Series 1, Legend 1

Meet Aymen - A Modern Day Living Legend and Up & Coming Motorcycle Youtuber

(below) Aymen on his first Harley Fat Boy! 

What Makes a Modern Day Legend?  It’s a feeling, not a definition.

In this series we are going to highlight modern day living legends. The people who are obsessed with riding, interview them, get to know them and decide if they make the cut.  

We believe a Legend is a great steward of risk. They walk the tightrope of life, they are the life of the road, command tremendous respect and are genuinely VERY likeable people. A Legend is daring and courageous, a great leader, and in most cases they are the salt of the earth and support the culture in unique ways. Legends gain a majority of their respect from being kind and respectful to the common man. Yes, there’s also another side of a Legend, they usually hideout in the fast lane of life, pushing the limits well beyond average.
Since a young boy, Aymen has ridden and owned super bikes, sports, touring bikes and of course many Harleys. He purchased his first Harley new, when the Fat Boy was released in the very early nineties.  Aymen has been riding Harleys ever since. This includes a few years of riding commercially as a Harley tour operator in the 90’s.  Aymen is on his 7th Harley, a 114 Street Glide Special which has had a few mods to make it kick along faster. Originally coming from the world of sports bikes, Aymen found that the Harley experience is even better when you make them go harder. All of his bikes have had performance mods and this is in line with his general philosophy on life.

What’s Aymen’s Philosophy on Life?

This modern day Legend is heavily into health, fitness, family and personal development. As a young teenager, he hasn’t skipped a beat, he has remained dedicated in improving his physical, motorcycle and mental goals. Just like his Harleys he stays in shape, fine tuned and always trying to modify his life and bike. 
Aymen is a leader, he like’s to encourage others to jump on board with a healthier lifestyle – encompassing mind body and soul – “it’s very easy to do once you know how”. To understand why we are coining Aymen a modern day living Legend you need to tune into his Youtube channel which is a recent self-funded hobby. You will learn so much about living life to the fullest and you will walkaway saying “Damn, this guy is an absolute Legend”.

You will learn about the culture, technical aspects of riding. His cool, calm and kind jovial narration makes his Youtubes truly special, educational and exciting.

Aymen says “We are all getting older and I am of the belief that we can aim to improve the quality of life and continue riding into our old age – lol we are OLD NOT DEAD!"

Aymen is spreading his love of motorcycling, culture and health through his youtube channel below.


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