Sizing Chart

Tips on Measuring

Ordering the right size is very important for you, as well as for us. We want your new purchase to fit well the first time. Please refer to the US sizing chart above to select your jacket.

All of our products are cut true to size for a worry-free fit, unless otherwise stated. However, when purchasing Motorcycle Jackets, please be aware they are designed to be trim fitting, in order to protect the rider in the event of a fall.

The length of a coat or jacket as stated in our descriptions are measurements from where the bottom back of a collar meets the bottom back of the Jacket. As a reference (and depending on Jacket size) a 26" style is slightly below waist length, a 30" style is around sleeve length, and a 34" style is approximately mid-thigh length.

Our motorcycle jacket sizing is in standard American sizes measured in inches around the top area of the chest. A US sizing chart is shown above for your information. When measuring (wearing a garment that would be normally worn under your jacket purchase), expand chest and measure just below the armpit area. Using a tailor's tape measure, it should be snug around the chest, but not tight. If measurement is an odd number, please round up to the next even size.

International Customers: Please note International orders are very expensive to return, so please be sure of the motorcycle jacket sizing when ordering.For inches to centimeter conversion, please review the following link: