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A-2 Flight Jackets

A-2 USAF Leather Flight Jackets

The Type A-2 leather flight jacket was standardized by the U.S. Army Air Corps as a successor to the A-1. The classic A-2 bomber jacket design has been in service since 1931, and over 80 years later continues to be the most sought-after flight jacket model.

The iconic A-2 jacket is a hallmark of the American fighting man and has been donned by several legendary celebrities including John Wayne, Gregory Peck and Frank Sinatra. Our men’s aviator biker jackets are perfect for everyday wear and are designed to last for years to come.

Our USA-made A-2 flight jackets are available in a wide variety of materials including military goatskin, nostalgic horsehide, durable cowhide and antiqued lambskin. Not just for men, this selection of leather flight jackets also includes timeless designs for women like the Amelia Leather Jacket and Wasp A-2 Leather Jacket.

In addition to our Legendary brand, we also offer high-quality flight jackets for men and women made by top manufacturers such as Cockpit USA and Legendary USA. Find your dream jacket in our collection of authentic pilot leather jackets below!

  • Cockpit USA Mens USAF Goatskin A-2 Flight Jacket
    Made In Usa
    from $424.00

    Cockpit USA Mens USAF Goatskin A-2 Flight Jacket

    Updated USAF A-2 JacketCockpit USA, an authorized government contractor to the US Dept. of Defense, has made improvements to the classic A-2 air fo...

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  • Save $125.00
    Made In Usa
    Original price $680.00
    Current price $555.00

    Cockpit USA Mens BLACK Antique Lambskin Leather A-2 Flight Jacket

    Achieves "weathered" lookA best seller now offered in Black - the classic A-2 Flight Jacket in specially treated antique Lambskin. Look stylish and...

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  • Sale
    Made In Usa
    from $565.00

    Cockpit USA Mens Flight Crew Leather Jacket

    Commercial Pilot Flight Crew JacketSpecially created for corporate jet pilots looking for a traditional look with a modern design, the Flight Crew ...

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