Birdz Eyewear - Oriole Padded Sunglasses


Padded Smoked Lens - Anti-fog

The Birdz Oriole is the standard when it comes to riding glasses. The unique
aerodynamic design of the Oriole riding glasses has a universal fit, no
matter the shape and size of your facial features. The Oriole is
constructed of a high quality frame that has comfortable rubber ear
tips. The padding is a vented EVA foam that allows adequate ventilation
while keeping your eyes protected from the rushing wind. These sunglasses with UV400 filters offer protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The lenses
are also anti-fog ensuring that your vision will remain unobstructed. And
most of all, the shatterproof polycarbonate lenses keep your eyes safe,
giving you maximum protection. For your convenience, these Oriole aerodynamic sunglasses comes with a microfiber pouch for safe cleaning and storage.


  • Shatterproof polycarbonate lenses provide maximum eye protection
  • UV400 filters eliminate the harmful UV rays of the sun
  • Anti-fog coatings ensure clarity of vision
  • Scratch resistant coatings protect the lenses from daily abuse
  • Vented EVA foam padding provides extra comfort & protection from wind & debris
  • High quality gloss frame 
  • Includes microfiber pouch for safe cleaning and storage 
  • Birdz smoked lenses allow 13% light transmittance that helps drastically to reduce sun glare 
  • Imported