BECK™ 666 Distressed Horsehide Café Racer - Limited Edition 100

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Introducing the resurgent appeal of the classic 1950's BECK™ 666 Horsehide Café Racer Motorcycle Jacket made to suit the real riders.  In recent years distressed horsehide has created a wave of interest in vintage motorcycle apparel. The  BECK™ 666 Northeastern Flying Togs Distressed Horsehide Café Racer Motorcycle Jacket is a timeless masterpiece that embodies the rugged elegance of a bygone era, proudly MADE IN THE USA. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and constructed from genuine Tanned Heavyweight Horsehide, this jacket exudes the spirit of American craftsmanship. Unlike conventional hides, this Horsehide ages gracefully, growing more resilient over time while softening and molding to its owner, creating a unique, personal connection. Each jacket is spun in our proprietary tumbler for 60 minutes, giving it a soft broken in distress appeal. *WARNING: THIS IS A MOTORCYCLE JACKET.

Sizing: To EASILY figure out your size take your chest measurement if your chest is larger than your stomach and add 2". If your stomach is larger than your chest take your stomach measurement and add 2". That is the size you will order measurement + 2".

Beck Northeaster & Flying Togs have registered US Trademarks of Legendary Products, Inc.

The  BECK™ Café Racer Collection by Legendary USA elevates the game with a remarkable array of features. A removable flannel madras plaid Zip Out Liner, where we plan to offer a selection of colors down the line. The leather-lined Hand warmer pockets offer both function and style. There's also a chest zippered leather-lined pocket for storing your essentials, and for the concealed carry enthusiast, the jacket boasts two inside Pistola Pockets (approximately 9" deep) with secure closures, including a snap and zipper, and small internal pockets for your gun barrel or cell phone.
Durability meets luxury, we installed and YKK brass chrome hardware which adds a timeless touch of class. But the  BECK™ Café Racer Jacket isn't just about style and durability; it's designed for comfort and freedom of movement, thanks to the Bi-Swing Back and Vented Underarm Gussets. The Zipper pulls will be a number 6 on the front 3 zippers giving a unique branded appeal with smooth functionality.

This is not merely a garment; it's a lifelong commitment to quality, style, and the promise of enduring adventures, all proudly MADE IN THE USA, a symbol of enduring craftsmanship and American heritage. The BECK™ 666 Northeastern Flying Togs Distressed Horsehide Café Racer Motorcycle Jacket isn't just clothing; it's an embodiment of timeless style and a guarantee of countless unforgettable journeys on the open road.

Sizing Guide

Chest Back Length Waist Shoulder Width Sleeve Length
40" (101.60cm) 25" (63.50cm) 38" (96.52cm) 19 ½ " (49.53cm) 35" (88.90cm)
42" (106.68cm) 26" (66.04cm) 40" (101.60cm) 20" (50.80cm) 35 ½ " (90.10cm)
44" (111.76cm) 26" (66.04cm) 42" (106.68cm) 20 ½ " (52.07cm) 35 ½ " (90.10cm)
46" (116.84cm) 26" (66.04cm) 44" (111.76cm) 21" (53.34cm) 36" (91.44cm)
48" (121.92cm) 26 ½ " (67.31cm) 46" (116.84cm) 22" (55.88cm) 36" (91.44cm)
50" (127cm) 27" (68.58cm) 48" (121.92cm) 22 ½ " (57.15cm) 37" (93.98cm)
52" (132.08cm) 27" (68.58cm) 50" (127cm) 23" (55.42cm) 37" (93.98cm)

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