Rubber Training Knife by Cold Steel - "Semper Fi"

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Now you can practice and train safely with Cold Steel’s Leather Neck-Semper Fi Rubber Training Knife. With its realistic look, it is perfect for solo practice, training drills, disarming drills, and so much more without actually putting yourself at risk of harm. 


  • The Leather Neck & Santoprene Rubber Blades That Are Soft Enough To Prevent Bodily Injury - As Realistic As Possible But Without The Extreme Danger & Risk Associated With An Actual Knife
  • Ideal For Use In Solo Practice, Training Drills, Demonstrations, Airsoft And Paintball, & More
  • Rubber Blade Length Measures 7”, The Blade Thickness Is 7/16”, And The Handle Length Is 5”, Making This Rubber Knife A Total Of 12” In Length
  • Face & Eye Protection Are Recommended When Utilizing This Item
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