Legendary Peacemaker Mens Leather Motorcycle Vest with Gun Pockets
Legendary Peacemaker Mens Leather Motorcycle Vest with Gun Pockets

Legendary Peacemaker Mens Leather Motorcycle Vest with Gun Pockets


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Size chart

3 Step Easy Sizing: Simplifying Number and Letter Sizes

Step 1: Measure Your Chest
Use a tape measure to measure the fullest part of your chest.Wrap the tape measure around your chest, just under your armpits, and record the measurement.

Step 2: Measure Your Stomach
Measure the fullest part of your stomach or abdomen, usually around the belly button area.Make sure the tape measure is snug but not too tight, and record the measurement.

Step 3: Determine Size Based on Measurements
Which ever measurement is larger take that size and adds 2 Inches (5 cm). This total will be your Jacket Size.

Example of How To Figure Out Your Size: Let's say John wants to buy a jacket online but isn't sure about his size. He follows the Legendary Easy Sizing Method. John measures his chest and finds it to be 42 inches (107cm). His stomach measures 38 inches (97cm). Since John's chest measurement is larger than his stomach measurement, he adds 2 inches to his chest measurement: 42 inches + 2 inches = 44 inches (107cm + 5cm = 112cm). Therefore, John will order a Jacket or Vest in Size 44 in Numbered Sizing or Medium in Letter Sizing (See Conversion Chart Below For Letter Sizing)

Simplify Your Sizing: Convert Your Number Size to Letter Size

34-36 = XSmall
38-40 = Small
42-44 = Medium
46-48 = Large
50-52 = XLarge
54-56 = 2XLarge
58-60 = 3XLarge
60-62 = 4XLarge
64-66 = 5XLarge


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With Gun Pockets up to Size 3XL 

Our Legendary Peacemaker motorcycle vest combines several elements of the most requested features including concealed carry pockets. In black. Matching Vest Extenders are available.


  • Midweight Cowhide Leather
  • 25" back length with drop scoop hem
  • Two Cordura-lined inside gun pockets with integrated magazine pouch & snap closure
  • Clean design on front chest
  • Twin front pockets
  • Mens button down leather vest with genuine Buffalo nickels as snap covers
  • Clean back panel
  • Chevron style front & back yokes
  • Double stitching accents
  • Side lacing for a custom fit
  • Made in USA

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