Legendary Shemagh Riding Scarf

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Versatile Cotton Scarf

Legendary Shemagh Riding Scarves are highly advantageous for motorcycling due to their versatility, protection, style, and comfort. These scarves can be worn in various ways to adapt to changing weather conditions, providing additional shield against elements like dust, dirt, sun, and wind. Their lightweight and breathable fabric ensure optimal airflow, keeping riders cool and comfortable. Moreover, they offer a chance for personalization and expression of individual style, making them a popular accessory among motorcyclists seeking both practicality and aesthetics. We offer some unique colors, check them out!


  • 100% soft, breathable woven cotton material is designed to protect the head & neck from sun & sand 
  • The tactical scarf measures approximately 42" x 42" allowing you to comfortably wrap the scarf around your head or face
  • Can be worn as a face mask or half-mask, balaclava or bandana 
  • Worn by military personnel worldwide and is also a great fashion accessory 
  • Can also be used as an survival or camping tool 
  • Breathable / machine washable
  • Imported

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